Land Presale Event - Chance to be the first land lord

Welcome all Poco citizens to the home of Pocoland!
This is an important event as it means the transfer of game ownership so that the whole Poco Citizens can partake in the revenues generated by the game's commercial divisions.

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All you need to know about the LandLord and Land Presale in Pocoland

Poco Crop, one of Pocoland's most notable features, will be coming soon. In order to become the owner of Poco's land, participants must take part in the Land Presale Event, a type of investing activity in which the whole community can engage in the game while the game's business activities have not been completed for the community and investors in order for them to have a chance to profit from the project.

Pocoland includes Arena, Farming, Workshop, and Training Ground. Each land appears to have its own unique set of attributes and characteristics.


Being a pre-owner in Poco, Poco citizens can gain interest of 1% per month whether they use tickets to trade for shares or purchase one of the primary pieces of land in Presale, sell tickets back to us at a 10% differential price with a reasonable cost of 2500 Poco tokens or sell the tickets at the price that meets their demands, probably buying at an outstanding price compared to the game publishers during aPublic Sale Event and keep tickets to join in business to receive from a 30% increase during the time locking.

The price of one share in each land is determined by the ticket, hence if a player stakes 25000 Poco tokens after 3 months, they will have 1 ticket to purchase shares in the land. Players who receive that ticket willearn a slot to get the Training Ground Land, 2 slots in Workshop Land, and a total of 4 slots for 2 both lands including Arena and Breeding Land.

Gamers must lock their tokens in 90 days, otherwise, they will not be profitable and have to stake 3 months from the initial stage. For all tokens they lock in, they can only unlock once. When opting to unlock, all tokens must be unlocked; when choosing to lock on the following day, all tokens will be unlocked three months after the last day of locking tokens into the pool.